Centre Membership

Please note that your Centre Membership is not automatically renewed when you renew your Caravan Club Membership. You must tell the Caravan Club that you want to renew your membership with the West Scotland Centre.
Renewal can be done by phone, letter or via Caravan club website


After your visit to our website why not vist and sign the guestbook, leave a message, constructive criticism or ideas. (Webmaster)

Chairmans Report

Let me first of all thank Marion and Billy Eames for their years of service to our West Centre. From Centre Chairman to Secretary, Rally Secretary and Treasurer respectively they have tirelessly given their time to ensure our Centre carried forward. They both may have retired from Committee life but I hope they will continue to grace our Rallies with their company.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all, my name is Linda Williamson and on Saturday 9th September 2017 at The West Centre AGM,I became your new Chairlady taking over the reins from Morris Whitehead. I would like to thank my Proposer Mrs Marion Eames and my Seconder Mr Morris Whitehead for having faith in my abilities to guide our Centre into the future.
Morris retired as Centre Chairman after serving a second term of office and I take this opportunity to thank him on your behalf for guiding his Committee and the Centre through a difficult time in the West's History.
Many of you already know me especially if you have supported our Centre's Rallies or other events over the years, and I look forward to catching up with as many of you as possible in the not too distant future. For those of you that don't know me why not come along to a rally or our Dinner Dance where I will look forward to meeting you and extending our West Centre Hospitality.
I have served upon the West's Committee firstly as Rally Secretary then as Vice Chair to Morris. My husband, Past Centre Chairman Eric Williamson,and I have been part of the West Centre for very many years firstly with our Children, Kate and Steven, but more recently with our canine family, you will probably have seen us being taken for walks on the RallyField by our beloved Cocker Spaniels.
I look forward with pride and excitement to serving as 'Your' Centre Chairlady along with a strong Committee composed ofour new Vice Chairlady Mrs Valerie Brownlee, Val is making a welcomereturn to our West Centre family and brings with her a bucket full of enthusiasm. Our new Secretary also bouncesinto our West family being new to our Centre in the last year in the shape of Mr Peter Hamilton.
Taking over the position of Treasurer is our own Mrs Catherine Hollingsworth. Returning as our Rally Secretary is Mr Eric Williamson, and also returning as our Social Secretary is Mrs Audrey Whitehead. We have a new Centre PRO in the familiar shape of Mr Morris Whitehead ( he didn't get away after all ), along with Mr Graeme Hollingsworth returning as a valued Committee member. Finally, also new to our West Family is Mr Billy Kyle, he has served on our Committee for the last year.
I will do my best along with the committee to continue to provide a varied and exciting Rally programme throughout this coming year. We will be revisiting some old West favourites and exploring new ventures....watch this space and check out our Facebook Group and our Webpage for further detail's of up and coming events. We are always looking for appropriate suggestions for future Rally Venues and ideas for social events. I look forward to meeting you all at our Rallies and events in the future.
Kind regards

New Facebook Page

The West Centre Committee is pleased to announce that we have a new Facebook Group up and open as of today Wednesday 12th April.
We welcome Members Conversation and any Caravanning related pictures and look forward to receiving them.

What can we offer you?

The West Centre would be delighted to welcome you, and your family to any of our rallies listed in our 2017 programme of events. We organise some long weekends and Holiday Rallies to coincide with local school and area breaks. Our aim is to promote a relaxing break with like-minded people who share a love of caravanning and socialising.

What is a rally?

Centre Rallies are organised events, where Caravan Club members meet for weekends or holidays, to pursue their various interests, and have some fun along the way. The chief rally officer is the person, along with his/her team, responsible for organising and running the rally; this includes arranging the site and services, putting up the Centre's direction signs to the venue, and all the social events. Most of our Centre rallies have a social evening, which may include dancing, quizzes, games, bingo, and even barbeques in the warmer evenings. You are free to join in any of the activities or simply relax and do your own thing. Being a member of "The Caravan Club", means that you would be able to join a rally being run by any Centre, which can be very useful when going to, or returning home from your holidays, or you may just wish to visit other Centre areas. Details of all rallies are listed in the Club Magazine and copies of most Centre Handbooks are held by our Centre's Rally Secretary.

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